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Mission Statement & History

To build authentic relationships that provide the resources to enhance the experience of Louisiana student-athletes.

Founded in 2009

Board of Directors established in 2009

First Executive Director hired in 2015

Priority Points System introduced in 2016

Total Investment Model introduced in 2019


Investment Model

All gifts made to Athletics, in the same fiscal year, are combined to create your Total Investment Level, which determines your benefits.

Your Total Investment benefits and Investor Ranking are activated with a gift of $50 or more to the RCAF Annual Fund.



Office Address:

201 Reinhardt Drive
Lafayette, LA  70504

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 43603
Lafayette, LA  70504

Hans C. Malebranche

Assistant Director of Athletics for Development

Email Hans | (630) 770-6364

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Walker Rolen

Director of Annual Giving

Email Walker | (337) 851-2906

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Brandon Domingue

Director of Premium Seating and Membership

Email Brandon | (337) 482-1415

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Kelsey Trahan

Donor Services Coordinator

Email Kelsey | (337) 851-2903

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Board of Directors

* = Executive Committee

Blaine Barrilleaux

David Church

Cindy Cobb*

Megan Cobb

Jake Delhomme

Richie Falgout

Jim Doyle

Yvette Girouard

Eric Haik

Bryan Hanks* - Chairman

Mo Hannie

Karren Hays

Jimmy Hollier*

Sam Landers*

Craig Melancon

Ken Meyers

Elliot Myers

Ryan Pecot*

Gus Rantz

Allison Reaux

Chris Russo*

Hunter Trahan

Todd Trahan*

Jerry Vascocu


Local Chapters

The RCAF is looking to expand its footprint in three key markets that have a strong presence of UL Lafayette alumni and fans - New Orleans, Houston, and Atlanta.

We are exploring the creation of local chapters of the RCAF in these three cities to increase engagement with Louisiana Athletics and grow the RCAF membership in these areas. If interested in getting involved and making these chapters a reality, please email RCAF@louisiana.edu or fill out the form in this section.

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Anyone interested in helping Louisiana become a nationally prominent Division I athletics program that promotes a cULture of excellence should join the RCAF! Many of our donors attended the University, but you don't need to be a graduate or former student-athlete to support your Ragin' Cajuns.

Any gift of $50 or more to an area within Louisiana Athletics makes you a member of the RCAF. A minimum investment of $50 to the RCAF Annual Fund unlocks your membership benefits and activates Investor Ranking; members can accrue Priority Points without receiving member benefits.

Louisiana Athletics relies on the generous support of donors like you to support each of our 16 sport programs and 400+ student–athletes to the highest degree and provide them with the resources needed to succeed. Gifts to the RCAF help provide the funds necessary to cover the total cost of attendance (tuition, room and board, books, fees, and cost of living stipend) – a bill that exceeds $10M each school year and makes up a significant share of Louisiana Athletics' annual operating budget.

Outside of that, RCAF dollars are also spent on facility enhancements and support services that consist of various resources that help provide a world-class experience to our student-athletes through the areas of nutrition, strength and conditioning, academics, sports medicine, technology, student-athlete development, mental health, etc. All of the gifts to the RCAF support scholarships and support services for Louisiana's student-athletes and improvements to our athletic facilities. Donations are not used for RCAF administrative costs. Administrative costs are paid through a separate budget, as determined by the UL Foundation and RCAF Board.

Every gift, no matter the amount, provides us the necessary resources to enhance the experience for our Louisiana student-athletes. Your gift brings us closer to meeting the total scholarship costs for dedicated Louisiana student-athletes. The impact of your gift reaches beyond the playing field. For our student-athletes, an education at this prestigious university - made possible only through RCAF investments - provides the opportunity to prosper beyond athletics. An annual investment of $50 (or only $4.17/month!) initiates your membership, affords you RCAF benefits, and helps us compete for conference and national championships.

The easiest way to update your information is to log in to your account and edit your profile. If you prefer, you may call us at 337-851-RCAF (7223) or send a written request via email to RCAF@louisiana.edu. Please be sure to include your account number on your correspondence.

The RCAF Annual Fund membership runs on a fiscal year, beginning on July 1 and ending on June 30 of each year. This is the same fiscal year as the University and the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and the UL Lafayette Foundation.

Yes, you can have a payment plan set up for your donations. Contact our Donor Service Coordinator, Kelsey Trahan, or email RCAF@louisiana.edu to request this option.

With the recent change to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, passed by Congress in 2017, we ask that you consult your tax adviser for advice regarding your specific situation.

The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act now indicates that gifts where the donor receives seating benefits for events held on campus are no longer charitable and thus are not tax deductible. These gifts, under previous tax law, were able to be deducted at 80 percent of the total gift amount. This directly applies to RCAF personal seat donation (PSD) contributions for seats, loge boxes, and suites for football games, baseball, and softball games. This law also impacts the charitable nature of these payments since the seat related portion of these gifts are no longer considered a donation based on the University's legal interpretation of this Act. The Athletics Department will continue to steward those donors that make seat related payments for the contributions they make to the department with RCAF Priority Points, but these payments will no longer be represented in the UL Foundation's charitable giving totals. Reasoning and guidance for this change was not provided with the new Act despite requests. The University has made a thorough effort to evaluate and interpret the changes in the face of the lack of guidance from the IRS. Based on guidance from tax professionals and legal counsel, the University has applied these changes with the best intentions for donors and the University within our legal limits.

No. Your PSD is a portion of your total season ticket cost. However, it does impact your Total Investment Level.

No, not all season tickets require a PSD. A PSD is required based on the location of your seat.

Charitable payments are tax deductible gifts according to the IRS. These include any gifts to the RCAF that are not required for seating. Non-charitable payments are payments that are not tax-deductible that are required for seating at home athletics events according to the IRS. i.e. PSD seating requirements for football games.

Baseball Season Ticket Holders are required to make a minimum donation of $100 to the RCAF Annual Fund. Some Men's Basketball Season Ticket Holders are also required to make a donation to the Annual Fund, depending on their seat location.

No. If you meet the ticket payment and gift requirements associated with your seats on time, then you hold the right of first refusal to your current seat locations.

To provide personalized customer service and ensure that you feel an intimate connection with the programs you are passionate about.

Yes. While you can accumulate points for your athletics giving, University giving, and season ticket purchases, you will not receive an Investor Ranking or receive benefits without a gift to the RCAF Annual Fund.

A soft match means your donation will be equally matched and combined for a total donation amount. For example, if you donate $150.00 and receive or are eligible for a soft match, you will earn benefits at the $300.00 investor level.

The deadline to donate to the 2020-2021 RCAF Annual Fund Membership Year is the close of the Fiscal Year – June 30, 2021. This means all pledges from the previous year must be paid in full by that time.

In the spring of 2019, the Total Investment Model was introduced to further recognize the commitment and loyalty of those who support Louisiana Athletics with the amount of dollars given. The program encourages consistency and transparency in the allocation of donor benefits by assigning point values to several categories of giving to the Foundation. The priority point system is primarily used to determine priority in the allocation of new or improved seating, in determining football bowl game and other post-season ticket disbursement, and for parking/tailgate allocation. (Parking is also allocated first by membership level and second by priority point ranking.) Put simply, the higher a donor's priority point total or rank, the better access they will have to preferred seating, parking and other benefits offered by the RCAF.

You can find this listed in your contact information under Personal Profile on your Account Manager.

  • Your Investor Rank is determined by your yearly RCAF contributions which establishes your Investor Level. Priority points are then used to rank you within your level.
  • Priority points
    • 1 point: For every $100 given across athletics
    • 1 point: For every $300 given across the entire University
    • 1 point: For each season ticket purchased
    • 10 points: For each year as an investor to the Annual Fund

The simple answer is to increase your investment with the RCAF. There are many ways to give (cash, check, stock exchange, IRA distributions, etc.) on your own. If you would like to sit down with an RCAF representative to explore strategic investments to intentionally support the areas you are most interested in, please call 337-851-RCAF (7223) or email RCAF@louisiana.edu.

Matching gifts are an easy way to multiple the impact of your gift and many companies match gifts to Louisiana Athletics! Check with your company or click here to find out if your company has a matching gifts program which will work with athletics gifts.

Anyone purchasing premium seats must be a current member of the RCAF or must join in order to be eligible to purchase premium seats. For more information on membership level requirements and benefits, please contact your Cajun Concierge. If you do not know who your Cajun Concierge is, please call the RCAF at 337-851-RCAF (7223) or via email at RCAF@louisiana.edu.

For more information and for current pricing, contact Bradon Domingue, Director of Premium Seating and Membership at 337-482-1415 or brandon.domingue@louisiana.edu.

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